Dear Rainbow Families,

Lots of festivities in the Rainbow Room this week, with Pajama Day tomorrow and Tillie’s “Big Sister” Party this past Tuesday, celebrated with cupcakes, Tillie’s mix tape of favorite music (including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Katy Perry’s “Roar,” and Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Were Made For Walking”), and lots and lots of dancing. Tillie will actually become a big sister in just a few weeks – she’s very excited!

Winter and holidays have been a major focus in the Rainbows this past week. The Rainbows followed up their discussion of what they like to do on a snowy day with drawings made with black markers and colored pencils, plus they made snowflakes out of coffee filters. Please see the display on the closet doors. They also had a discussion of the December holidays they celebrate and where they are traveling to celebrate and vacation. Lots of winter songs have been heard emanating from the Rainbow Room as well.

The Rainbows took time this week to make a group get-well card for their regular sub Mason (Iris’s son). Mason has been ill this week, and Iris has been with him helping him get better. We wish Mason a speedy recovery. Fortunately our trusty sub Alex has been able to work with the Rainbows much of this week, and our wonderful Rainbow team has put in extra hours as well – we are very grateful.

Remember: no home lunch tomorrow (pizza party), and be sure to bring home your nap bedding to clean over the vacation.