Dear PSCCC families,

July is nearly upon us and the board is in full planning mode for the 2014-15 school year.  We are expecting a significant transition next year—five of our nine board members have graduating children.  As such, we need to fill at least four vacancies, and hope to nail down next year’s membership by the end of July.

 Participating on the PSCCC board is an exceptional way to contribute to the Collective community.  The board is responsible for budgeting and financial decisions, weighs in about staffing matters, and serves as the hub of major decisions about the direction of the school.  We meet once every 6-8 weeks, usually at the school.  We are open to scheduling meetings (time and location) in a way that is most convenient to the new board slate.  Serving on the board satisfies members’ collective credit obligations for the entire school year.

According to the Collective’s bylaws, board vacancies are selected through random lottery.  ANYONE who feels excited about helping the school be as strong and great as it can be, who has the time to work on various projects and help organize events, should throw their hat in.  

We also have some specific roles we’re trying to fill. At least one slot is reserved for an incoming Little Stars parent. And where possible, we seek to identify board specialists (finance/accounting and non-profit management) who can advise the board. We have separate lotteries for these slots in order to be sure we fill them when we can. If a volunteer does not emerge with these credentials, we will fill all four vacancies through group lottery (i.e., pull names out of a hat). 

We are also looking for a Board Secretary, Jess is leaving the position but remaining on the Board. CHAIR for the board will also be vacant, I will be leaving with Ailey going to kindergarten.

If you are interested in participating in any of these roles next year, please express your interest to me at if you are capable of serving as a non-profit or finance specialist, please indicate in the email.  Current board members are available to answer questions about the nature of the commitment required, so please feel free to reach out to any one of us or stop us in the hall–see all our names, roles, and emails below.  

The next board meeting is scheduled for July 15th (which also serves as our school’s annual meeting), and we plan to hold the lottery a couple of days before. So please let us know if you’re interested by July 7th.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

 Damond for the Board