Please see posting below for the most amazing caregiver you will find outside of PSCCC! Elaine worked for us for many years and is truly incredible with children of all ages. See posting from current employer and don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. 
Lori ( – mom to two PSCCC graduates
Name: Elaine Bharath
Dates Worked: 10/2014 – present
Work Details: Full-time
Availability: September/October 2016
Name: Abbie Smith
I am posting on behalf of our incredible nanny, Elaine. Elaine has been with our family since our younger son Austin was born in October, 2014. She is with him five days a week, 8am-6pm, and also watches our older son Drew whenever his school is closed or he is home sick. Elaine’s connection with the boys (and with us!) was instantaneous, and there has not been one moment since the day she started that I had even one seconds worth of worry about my sons’ care or well-being.  She was wonderful with our youngest as an infant – attentive, loving, sweet, nurturing – and continues to be a great teacher and caregiver to him as he is “growing up”. She makes sure my husband and I know what’s on the agenda each day, and gives us a report when we get home. My little one couldn’t be happier when he sees her walk in the door every morning, and just as happy by the end of the day! Elaine is also great with Drew – she always asks about his day at school, what he did each day, and how he’s doing. Elaine is very familiar with Park Slope and knows many other nannies and resources locally, and she has coordinated playdates, classes, library visits, etc. She prepares breakfast, lunch and snack for Austin daily, as well as straightening up the kids’ rooms and doing their laundry whenever it is needed. She is punctual, reliable, and incredibly trustworthy.
Austin is starting a full-time 2’s program at Drew’s school in September, otherwise we’d be keeping her forever 🙂 We’d be more than happy to keep Elaine for the month of September as he transitions into the program, which is why I said she is available for either a September or October start. We’ll be very sad to not have Elaine in our day-to-day life, but she will forever be a part of our family!!