Dear Families,

What a wonderful International Food Day! Thank you ALL for sending in such meaningful and delicious dishes. The children so enjoyed seeing the beautiful displays of food, hearing all the stories about their classmates’ dishes, trying the different delicacies, and eating together banquet-style in each room. It was a very, very special celebration of our community.

I want to extend my deep appreciation to Tina (Juliette – Little Stars) for spearheading this event and making it such a success, as well as the entire Diversity Committee. And additional thanks to our parent volunteers today – Meki (Iskinder – Bears), David (Luisa – Rainbows),  Nigel (Ophelia – Rainbows), Angelika (Riley – Bears), and Liza (Pearl – Little Stars) – who transformed the gym, warmed and set up the food, served our children, and cleaned up. Lots of work to make the day a success. And thanks to all our teachers whose family curricula helped set the stage for this amazing day.

Have a wonderful weekend,


PS  Be sure to pick up your containers and serving utensils. You should find them above your child’s cubby, in the refrigerator, or in the office.

PPS Photos coming soon!