Dear Bears Families,

Spring is here – finally!! The Bears have been enjoying many spring-related activities to ring in this most welcome change in the seasons. They have read several books including “Spring Changes” by Ellen B. Senisi, a non-fiction book that examines the spring season; “Leaves,” by David Ezra Stein, which takes a bear through autumn and hibernation and his subsequent joy at waking to the beginnings of spring; and “It’s Spring” by Linda Glaser with wonderful cut-paper illustrations by Susan Swan. “It’s Spring” was followed by a class discussion of how we know it’s spring, with such responses as flowers grow; there are buds on trees; the days get longer; I play soccer; it’s warm; and cherry blossoms, butterflies, ladybugs, bees, fireflies, and frogs all come out. Please check out the responses on the chart in the rug/meeting area. The Bears also painted spring flowers using watercolors on watercolor paper – please check out this display on the hallway wall above the cubbies – and they learned a new song, “Spring is Here” (sung to the tune of “Frere Jacques”):

Spring is here

Spring is here

Goodbye snow

Flowers grow

Birds and bees

Leaves on trees

Hello spring

Hello spring

The Bears had a very special spring celebration last week. They spent several days making spring hats out of brown oak tag, gluing on green construction paper for stems and tissue paper for flowers. Then, last Tuesday, the Bears put on their spring hats and went on their very own spring parade on 7th Avenue, down Union Street, and across 6th Avenue to the playground. As they walked, they sang “Spring is Here” and handed out their paper flowers to people they passed. It was an incredible experience to see the children witness the joy and happiness they gave to others with their singing and flowers. One gentleman declared to them, “You made my day!” and some police officers in their big police van announced over their loud speaker, “Happy spring, boys and girls.” Please see the photos displayed on the easels in the Bears Room.

Have you seen the bulbs growing in the Bears’ science area? After reading the book “Paperwhite” by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace, the Bears all worked together to put marbles and small stones into glass jars, fill the jars with water, and place paperwhite (narcissus) bulbs on top. They have been observing these bulbs the last several weeks, with the teachers writing down the children’s observations about the roots, shoots, and flowers. Please be sure to check out this science corner.

Enjoy these spring days!