Dear Bears Families,

The Bears Room has begun its “All About Me” curriculum study, which includes a wall display of family photos. Therefore, we need from you:
1) Your child’s “All About Me” book, if you have not completed one yet.
2) A family photo for the wall display.
Also, we have three reminders for you:
1) Please remember to bring in – and replenish regularly – extra clothes for your child’s cubby. Spills, accidents, etc. are common occurrences, so we want to be sure your child has the necessary clothes.
2) Please remember to label all clothes.
3) Your child needs to start the school day with proper footwear, i.e., sneakers or non-slip shoes that are snug-fitting around the foot, or closed-toe sandals.  No crocs or flip-flops. Our children go to the playground everyday (weather permitting) and we need to be sure they can run and climb safely. Also, please be sure your child is wearing proper footwear when you drop off in the morning so they are good to go.
Many thanks,