Dear Rainbow Parents,

The Rainbow Room had a special activity during morning free time today: bread making with Charlie’s mom, Karen (a professional baker). Karen brought in small pieces of dough for each child to sprinkle with flour; pound and knead; and place on baking sheets. (The children also got to make a second loaf with a surprise treat of chocolate in the middle.) The children had such a wonderful time digging their hands into the sticky dough and shaping their piece into a small loaf. The teachers placed the loaves in the oven – oh, the smell of the bread baking was heavenly as it wafted through the Collective. After nap, the children got to eat one of their small loaves – delicious! – plus they got to take the second loaf home. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your bread-making skills with the Rainbows today.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Tuesday, September 29, is “Bring a Bagel to School” Day in the Rainbow Room. Please remember to send your child to school with a bagel on Tuesday. FYI – throughout the year each Rainbow child comes up with an idea for a special day for the class to participate in, so please check the classroom calendar each month for the upcoming special days.

Have a great weekend!