Dear Families,

I’m looking for quotes about the Collective to use for a brochure and on posters for the open house on December 6.

Can you take a moment and write a sentence or two about what makes it special to you and your family. The more specific you can be, the better.

Also, if you have an older child who attended his or her 4’s year at the Collective and can speak to the benefits of that experience, I’d especially love to hear from you.

I’m also looking for quotes from kids, so bring em!

Some examples:

 “Thanks to the wonderful, talented, loving teachers and staff at the Collective, my energetic son transitioned smoothly to grade school. His experience at PSCCC, which included an intentional focus on developing social skills, helped him start kindergarten confidently and with only the best associations with the words “school” and “teacher.” PSCCC is truly a special place, shaping happy, confident, inquisitive children who are then ready for that big next step–and who can’t wait to come back and visit”

–Tanya Krupat, Alum Parent

“The Collective is the perfect play-centered environment: diverse, engaging and packed with the kind of experienced teachers parents dream of.  When we discovered our son had a development delay, the school worked with our family to secure the right resources to get him ready for kindergarten and gave him a safe, fun place to develop a real love of learning. Life-changing.”

–Current Parent

“The Collective will always be a part of me. I know I can come back and visit anytime.”

–Luca Fortuna, Alum, Age 6

Please email me at DEADLINE IS MONDAY.

Thanks so much,

Mila (Lillian, Rainbows)