Dear Collective Families,

Park Slope Parents is soliciting reviews of area preschools. If you have 3 minutes (and the inclination), would you please submit a review of the Collective? I believe you have to be a PSP member, but if you’re not, maybe you can find a friend to submit your review?

Thanks so much – and have a great weekend!


Here’s the link:
2015 Day Care/ Preschool/PlayGroup School Year Review Survey

2015 Day Care/ Preschool/PlayGroup Scho…

Did your child attend a daycare/preschool/playgroup experience over the 2014-2015 school year or during summer 2015? THANKS for providing a REVIEW of your …
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(NOTE: Please click through til you’re “DONE” to record your review! WE are getting some in that aren’t complete.)

Have a child in a daycare/preschool/playgroup/playschool/co-op? PLEASE give us your review.

Feedback is ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT this year since there are new programs opening up, UPK has changed the landscape, and some programs have many open spots and may need to rethink opening next year.  Many “can you tell me about your experience with X daycare” are posted in the coming months—let’s have lots of new reviews up on the Park Slope Parents website for people to peruse! NOTE: If you’ve reviewed this daycare on prior surveys or on the website, we will replace that review with the recommendation you give today. Thanks for helping parents know the most up to date information!

GIVE BACK TO THE PSP COMMUNITY with 3 minutes of time!

We welcome positive, lukewarm, and negative reviews too.

THANKS in advance — your fellow parents THANK you too!

The Park Slope Parents Survey Team