Dear Parents,


We would like to invite anyone interested to an intro meeting of the PSCCC Diversity Committee, our first of the new school year. The committee was formed about 3 years ago with the aim of maintaining and increasing the diversity of the school community as well as helping to ensure a welcoming atmosphere for all families at the Collective.


In the past we have focused on increasing the diversity of the applicant pool for the school. We have also helped to put together some school activities, such as a day where children brought in food from their family’s culture.


Everyone and all ideas, thoughts and questions are very welcome!


We will meet in the room upstairs from the school on Friday, Oct 3 at 8:15a.


If you can’t make it and want to get involved or have questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


Meki (mom to Iskinder, Bears)

Meredith (mom to Katya, Bears)