Dear Rainbow Families,

The Collective’s traditional Halloween parade will take place on Wednesday, October 31, at 4:00 PM.  The Bears and Rainbows have been decorating t-shirts this week to wear for the parade.  They will put on these t-shirts just before the parade begins and come downstairs with their teachers at 4:00.  Please wait for your child outside on the sidewalk, lined up along the curb.  (Some children were frightened last year by walking out the door and facing a large crowd on the stoop.)  We will then all walk together around the block, singing songs.  Once the parade is completed (it’s very short – just a walk around the block – about 20-30 minutes), you are invited to come upstairs to the Collective with your child for some apple cider.  We know that many of you will want to change your child into her/his Halloween costume at that time as well.  That’s fine – just please do not send your child to school in a costume for the day.
Thanks so much,
Martha and Manyi
PS  Please let us know if you are NOT planning to attend the parade, so that we can help prepare and plan for your child during the parade and cider.  And as always, other special adults (grandparent, sitter) ARE welcome to attend.
PPS  FYI – The Little Stars do not walk in the parade as it is still a little too taxing for them.