Dear Collective Families,


This past week our Executive Director, Manyi Wong, resigned from her position at PSCCC.  (Her letter is included below.)  We regret to see her leave, and are very grateful for her work and dedication these past two years.  Under her stewardship the Collective has been able to flourish and stabilize, and she will be missed.


The continuity and mission of the school has not changed.  Co-Director Martha Foote, our Education Director, will also serve as Acting Executive Director in this interim period as she leads the school through the transition.  The same veteran teachers who form the bedrock of the Collective and embody its mission will still be greeting our children with open arms and wide smiles.  Lauren will continue to be a master of all trades in the office, ready to help with everything from bookkeeping to pretzel dispensing.  And Manyi is also committed to help make this a smooth transition for the Collective.


As your parent Board members, we are dedicated to guiding the Collective through this transition such that it emerges stronger than ever.  We look forward to finding the best candidate to join our community, and to building on our work creating and maintaining a sustainable childcare collective for the families and the teachers, year in and year out.  As always we welcome input from all members of our community.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of us.  We will be checking in again as the school year begins.




The Executive Committee on Behalf of the Entire PSCCC Board


Damond Haynes (Chair):

AJ Joshi (Treasurer):

Jess Parsons (Secretary):

(Please reach out to any of us on the Board to talk through any questions or concerns:

Meredith Kolodner:

Tanya Weisman:

Penny Lewis:

Margaret Schwartz:

Billie Christie:

Aron Zimmerman:




Chair Emeritus Kimberly Bliss: )







August 8, 2013

Dear PSCCC Families,

I write to announce my resignation as the PSCCC Executive Director, effective at the end of my contract term on August 28, 2013. I have decided not to continue another term due to personal reasons. Please rest assured that I intend to work with the Board of Directors and take part in their plans towards a seamless transition for the school and its community.

I feel honored and fortunate to have been a part of the Collective, to have had the opportunity to get to know you, your children, your family and friends. This is not good-bye – I plan to be around at the start of the school year to assist in the transitions. And as a neighbor and fellow parent, I hope to remain in touch.

Yours truly,