Dear Collective Families,

Some quick reminders:
1. Drop-Off – when you drop off your child in the morning, please be sure to touch base with the teachers if you have any info to convey – e.g., a potential cold coming on or a parent leaving for a business trip. If all the teachers are engaged, be sure to write a message in the composition book as you enter the room. And always feel welcome to stay a few minutes in the classroom to help your child settle in and make the transition to school. Please remember: All children should be dropped off by 9:30am at the latest!
2. Sign-In and Sign-Out – be sure to sign in your child at drop-off. We also need to know who is picking up your child and at what time. And don’t forget to sign out at pick-up. The Bear and Rainbow sign-in/sign-out books are right outside the office. The Little Star sign-in/sign-out book is inside the classroom, right next to the door.
3. Pick-Up – when you pick up your child, please refrain from lingering. I understand that it can be very enjoyable to watch your child at play and to observe school activities, but other children who have later pick-up times can become anxious and unsettled if they see their classmates’ parents but not their own. So, please stay no longer than 5 minutes in the classroom (or gym) when picking up your child. Also, at 6:00pm, staff need to head home to be with their own families, so please arrive for final pick-up no later than 5:55pm to give yourself enough time to gather your child and her/his belongings and to leave the building by 6:00pm. FYI – if you arrive when the class is in a circle time or having “Music with Brian,” please wait in the hallway so as not to disrupt the class or find Lauren or me to help if you need to leave immediately.
Thanks for reading through this list – we so appreciate your assistance!