Dear Families,

As many of you know, Lauren is pregnant with her first child and due in mid-April.  Such happy news!  Lauren has discussed her plans with the Board, and she will be taking maternity leave from April 3rd through the rest of the current school year, returning September 1st for the beginning of the new school year.  Martha will take over the financial side of Lauren’s job while Lauren is away, but she will need assistance with the other responsibilities.

So, our next BIG Collective task is to find someone to work in the office during Lauren’s leave, beginning in mid-March (for a training period) and ending on August 7.  And we need your help!
Does anyone have any recommendations?  We are looking for someone who has at least a high school degree and some college, to work Monday – Friday afternoons, 1pm-6pm.  We are looking for a kind, organized, responsible, and friendly person, someone who can have a good rapport with the staff, parents and of course the children. This person will be based in the office (buzzing families in, answering the phone, taking messages, answering parent questions, closing the Collective at 6:00pm) and also taking care of more administrative tasks (e.g., filing paperwork, keeping the sign-in book replenished, helping out with supply orders).
PLEASE let us know if you can think of anyone for this temporary position – or if you have any thoughts or questions.  It is so important that we find someone GREAT for this job, and we would greatly appreciate any leads you may have.
Many thanks,
Martha and Lauren