Dear Families,

I am attaching a document that explains the Collective’s work credit policies and opportunities. Please review it carefully and let me know if you have any questions.

Basically, you are assigned to a Saturday work team (each team meets six times/year) to earn your 18 hours of work credit UNLESS you have responded to a request for – and been assigned to – a full-time Collective job. If you have taken on a part-time job or joined a committee, you have still been assigned to a Saturday work team to be sure you have enough options to earn all your work credit for the year.

This year Shai Lauros (Reuben – Rainbows) has graciously taken on the job of Credit Tracker. To be sure that all your work credit hours are tracked, you must email Shai whenever you do work outside your Saturday work team. For example, there are many volunteers helping with Sunday’s Fall Festival. After the Festival, it will be the responsibility of each volunteer to email Shai and tell her:

1) Her/his name

2) Date of the work performed for the Collective

3) Brief description of work that she/he did

4) Number of hour(s) worked on that date

FYI – Shai’s email is

Thank you so much for doing your part for the Collective!


PS  We still need Saturday work team leaders. Please consider taking on that responsibility – and contact Shai if you would like to be a leader. Thanks!

Collective Jobs List 2014-15