From the Social Committee:

Dear PSCCC Families,

Here’s your friendly reminder that we’ll be having a totally casual, adults only, drinks-at-the-bar-date near school at Flatbush Farm this Thursday July 9th, from 6pm9pm.
In case you’ve never been, Flatbush Farm is on St Mark’s between 6th Avenue and Flatbush. They sell excellent snacks and food as well as alcohol of all varieties. When you stand in front of Flatbush Farm, there are two doors – the bar part is on your left, the part on the right is a more formal restaurant. I expect we’ll be in the part on the left, at the bar or further back into the room – but we’ll be wherever we can find a decent spot for whoever shows up.
Come find us! Jane will be there holding down the fort from 6-7.45; then Evan will take over until at least 9. Join us for a beer (or a coke)!
Jane and Liz, social chairs