Hey all,


Our wonderful friend Maura is looking for some help with her two kids, two days a week from about 4 pm to 8 pm. See below for more. Know anyone who might be interested? We’d be grateful for any leads…


All best,


David (& Miranda & Quentin)


We have been a daycare/preschool family since Scarlett was born and have had enough family and friends around for date-nights that we’ve never sought outside childcare help from an individual.  BUT, now that we’re in pre-k with afterschool (for Scarlett) and daycare (for Helena), I am realizing that I could use some help with afterschool care two nights a week.  My girls are just exhausted when I pick them up at 6 and I think if they could be home earlier, it would make a huge and positive difference.  Ideally, I’d love someone two nights a week (of their choosing from M-Th) from 4pm-8pm, who would be willing to pick up my kids from their schools around 4, bring them home, play, make dinner, start bedtime routine.  I could commit to 8 hours a week, with a date-night here and there, to start.

If you have any leads, please pass the info along.

Thanks so much!

Maura Mills