Hi there — hope everyone is well and enjoying the warmer weather.  A few class notes:


As previously mentioned, we now have the opportunity to place additional orders with Original Works.  I’m attaching below the original OW packet, a blank order form, and some general guidelines for artwork.  The last document is really for those families who would like to order again but don’t want to use the artwork that their kid(s) created on the original OW paper.  As long as the art meets the guidelines, it should work, even if it wasn’t done on OW paper.  If parents are making orders for artwork submitted this past November, OW still has the scan on file and won’t need the original artwork, just a description. If it’s new artwork, please include the artwork and order info together.  I’ll also be placing some information, including a blank order form, in your cubbies this week.  Please return the following to the PSCCC office by Friday, April 26:

  • Completed order form;
  • Your child’s artwork in its original condition (if it’s new artwork); and
  • Payment (checks payable to “PSCCC”).

Proceeds for Original Works orders go to the school.



Blank Order Form Spring 2013



A reminder that our joint play date with Bears/Rainbows is this SUNDAY APRIL 28.

3rd Street Playground, Prospect Park (@ PPW)

Bring your own coffee, water or juice, and snacks.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks so much!!