Dear Little Stars Families,

The Little Stars have continued learning about the senses with a variety of engaging activities. While focusing on the sense of sight, the Little Stars paid close attention to the colors and sights of spring – noticing purple, yellow, and red tulips on a recent spring walk, for example. They also made binoculars to see distances by attaching toilet paper rolls together, then cutting out (great fine motor skill development) shiny paper pieces and gluing them onto the rolls for decoration. Their teachers added yarn for a neck strap, then the Little Stars took several bird-watching walks, observing birds in trees and on buildings and in the garden of the Conservatory of Music. They have also shared favorite books with a partner, pointing out to their partner some of the the illustrations that they especially like to look at.

Following sight, the Little Stars next focused on the sense of touch. They touched and felt a variety of objects – sand paper, pom-poms, netting, ribbons, feathers, felt, popsicle sticks, shiny paper – and made a large group collage with them (hanging by the rug area), plus they made individual flower collages with the shiny paper and popsicle sticks (displayed in the block area). They also played a guessing game by feeling a single object hidden in a bag and guessing what it was – some of the objects were an apple, a plastic spoon, a toy train, and a paintbrush. They also read “The Five Senses – Touch” by Maria Rius and “The Five Senses” by Aliki. And the focus on the sense of smell has started with the Little Stars reading the book “My Nose” by Lloyd G. Douglas, making lemon-scented play dough, and painting with Kool-Aid and sniffing the cups of “paint” – they said the Kool-Aid paint smelled like lollipops, lemons, orange juice, among other scents. (Please see the chart on the wall in the kitchen area.)

With the focus on the senses, the children have learned some new Spanish words:

ojos – eyes

orejas – ears

nariz – nose

lengue – tongue

dedos – fingers

With these new Spanish words, the teachers have circle times during which they will ask, “Where are your _________ (ojos, orejas, dedos, etc.) and then ask the children, “Touch your _______.”

IMPORTANT REMINDER: With warm, sunny weather upon us, children need to wear proper footwear for outdoor play to prevent slipping, stubbed toes, etc. Footwear needs to close snugly over the foot, and any sandals must be closed-toe. Also, no crocs! And please remember to apply sunscreen in the morning.

Many thanks!!