Dear Families,

The Little Stars have been having lots of fun this past week, especially with the advent of snow and winter. They re-read “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats (classics are enjoyed over and over by our children) and followed it up with winter chalk drawings on black paper. They also made white play dough with glitter to resemble sparkly snow. And they have been enjoying winter songs as well, including “I’m A Little Snowman” and “Jingle Bells” with real jingle bells, too!!

The Little Stars have started their cooking projects of their favorite foods. They recently made corn on the cob by wrapping their ears of corn with damp paper towels, then letting their teachers put the corn in the microwave to cook. After cooling, they unwrapped the corn, spread it with butter themselves, and ate. The teachers then asked them how it tasted. Please take a look at their responses with the photo display of how they made and ate their corn – it’s posted on the wall of the block area. Yesterday the Little Stars prepared, cooked, and ate broccoli, too.  And just today the Little Stars took a walk to Key Food on Seventh Avenue and searched for their favorite foods there.

The Little Stars have been enjoying making pictures this past week with tape and tiny stickers. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great activity for developing fine motor skills as the children work to peel off the tiny stickers from their backings and place them on paper. The children are also continuing to sing “El Pato Renato” – and count to 10 in Spanish – with Patricia. And another new book they have been reading is “Abiyoyo,” a wonderful story song from Pete Seeger. The children love to sing along, and also talk together about how it’s not nice to play tricks on people (their take-away from the book).

Remember there is no lunch from home tomorrow – and enjoy your vacation!!