Dear Families,

The Little Stars have returned from vacation ready for action in their classroom, and their teachers are having a wonderful time being all back together with them.

Responding to the children’s keen interest in trains and ¬†buses, the teachers have launched a transportation curriculum in the Little Stars. On the first day back the Little Stars discussed where they had gone over vacation and how they travelled there. Responses included taking an airplane to Florida, going to the playground in a bus, and taking a car ride. They also recently read the Paul O. Zelinsky illustrated version of “The Wheels on the Bus” (lots of fun with flaps and tabs and pop-ups) and, of course, sang along. Another day they made a group art project by placing blobs of paint on a large piece of paper, then pushing little cars through the paint. Such fun to see wheel tracks emerge. Please take a look at the final product on the wall by the circle area. Much more transportation-related activities are in our future, so please stay tuned!

The frigid weather this week sparked a focus on winter, snow, and cold. The children read “Hop to the Top” by Helen Lester one day, about a determined penguin who hops through ice and snow to reach the top of a mountain. They also made hot chocolate together with their teachers. The teachers heated the milk, then had the children put the cocoa into the milk and stir. After they drank their hot chocolate, the children had fun looking at their cocoa moustaches. The children also discussed how they keep warm. Aside from drinking hot chocolate, responses ranged from coats, jackets, sweaters, and stroller sacks to putting their hands in their pockets and going under their covers to “I put my head on my daddy to stay warm.”

Finally we have had a few new substitute teachers in the classroom this week: Monica’s daughter Carina (a college student at Hunter) and Patricia’s daughter Allyson (a college student at SUNY Geneseo). It’s been wonderful to have our teachers’ children helping us out, and the Little Stars have enjoyed their warm and gentle presence.

That’s it for now – have a wonderful weekend!