Dear Little Stars Families,

The Transportation curriculum continues to roll in the Little Stars! Yesterday the class took a walk to two subway stations – the 7th Avenue stop and the Grand Army Plaza stop – to learn more about subways. They checked out the signs (of letters and numbers) at each to see how you know which trains (i.e., the B&Q and the 2,3,&4)¬†stop there. At the 7th Avenue stop, they went down into the station to see the Metro Card machine and learn how it works. They also watched (from the top level) a train pull in and leave again, all the time listening to the different sounds that the train made as it arrived and left, plus the sounds of the doors as they opened and closed. They also looked at the turnstiles and saw how people enter and leave through them, plus they observed the token booth and saw people buying Metro cards there. When they returned to school, the Little Stars read “My Subway Ride” (by Paul DuBois Jacobs and Jennifer Swender with pictures by Selina Alko) – an especially engaging picture book with rhythmic text and whimsical drawings – and in the afternoon they discussed together what they had seen on their trip. Some other circle time discussions have been “What is Your Favorite Vehicle?” and “How Did You Come To School Today?”

Other transportation books that the Little Stars have read are “Let’s Peek, Let’s Go” and “Trucks” by Byron Barton. They have also been singing “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Going for a Ride in My Car-Car,” and “I’m Riding in My Car.” While singing that last song, each Little Star got into an imaginary car, buckled their seat belt, and steered their steering wheel. They also looked out for traffic lights and discussed what to do if the light is red, green, or yellow. They also made yellow play dough in honor of school buses; and while making the play dough, they counted the spoonfuls of flour in Spanish and learned that the Spanish word for yellow is amarillo. More transportation-related activities to come!

Finally, please remember to pick up and return your commitment letter to the office by January 21. Also, school will be closed on Monday, January 20, for Martin Luther King Day.

Enjoy the rest of the week!