Dear Little Stars Families, Can you believe a month has already passed since the school year began?  And what a busy month it has been, with children phasing in to the classroom, learning the routines of the day, connecting with their teachers and classmates, discovering the different materials (blocks, paints, etc.) in their classroom, and participating in the daily activities.  No wonder the Little Stars nap so easily – they are tuckered out!

The Little Stars teachers have been focusing on colors during this first month, with many activities centered on the primary colors and the results of mixing them together.  The Little Stars have created paintings by rolling marbles and toy cars through yellow/blue, yellow/red, and blue/red paints.  They have also watched green and purple result (orange is coming!) from blending smoothies with fruit and vegetables and making play dough and goop with blue/yellow and blue/red food coloring.  You should see those Little Stars stir – and take turns with the big spoon!!  And even though it can be difficult developmentally at this age to share and wait for one’s turn, the Little Stars teachers are gently helping each child with these important steps.

As Fall begins, the Little Stars teachers are busy with seasonal activities.  The teachers made apple sauce with the children and have read different apple books, including “Ten Red Apples.”  They have all talked about their favorite color apples, and made paintings of apple trees, using their hands and fingers to apply the paint (check the display on the classroom wall).   The teachers plan to make a bar graph about apples as well – stay tuned.

On Monday the Little Stars had their first Enrichment Class: Stomp and Clap with Greg.  Greg is a very special and engaging teacher who works at the Collective on Monday afternoons.  His first day with the Little Stars was a hit – aside from playing with rhythm sticks, the Little Stars sang “If You’re (the name of a Little Star child) and You Know It, Move This Way,” with each child getting a turn to invent her/his movement for the class.  Our second Enrichment Class, Yoga with Jovan, will begin in November.

And just yesterday and today, the Little Stars ventured out to the side yard for the first time!  Weather permitting, the Little Stars teachers hope to use the side yard every day before lunch as an outdoor time for large motor activities – running, throwing balls, scootering on ride-on cars and tricycles, climbing, and sliding.  It is a sight to behold, watching the Little Stars walk carefully up and down the steps singing “We’re walking down/up the stairs” to the tune of “Heigh Ho The Dairy-o” as the teachers vigilantly make sure each child is safe.

Some final notes:

To keep families up to date with daily activities, the Little Stars teachers are jotting down a few highlights of the day on the white board outside the classroom.  Be sure to check it out when you pick up your child – or ask your sitter to check and pass the news on to you.

We have some regular visitors in the Little Stars room who have been incredibly helpful with the children.  They are Cecilia Luna (a City-As-School high-school student), Belinda Kochle (a cousin of alumni Collective parents Stefan and Shanta, visiting from Switzerland), and Andrew Ferrera (our floater teacher on Tuesdays and Thursdays).  Be sure to say hi when you see them.

And finally we hope to see you on Wednesday, October 24, at 6:00 PM, for Curriculum Night.

Enjoy the long weekend!