Dear Little Stars Families,

Welcome back – I hope you had a wonderful break. The children discussed their vacations at circle yesterday – airplane trips, Michigan, a toy store, Vermont, subway train rides, the playground, and India all figured prominently, along with the lone Little Star (Nayan) who declared, “I was working.”

Music has been the curriculum theme in the Little Stars Room these past several weeks, and the children (and teachers) are having so much fun with it. They have read many, many books that are songs – and sung them, too. These include “Puff the Magic Dragon,” “What a Wonderful World,” “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “The Wheels on the Bus,” and “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.” The Little Stars have also made their own CDs by taking a cardboard disc, decorating it with markers, gluing on their photo, and dictating to their teachers their favorite song. Please check these CDs out, hanging from the ceiling above the dramatic play area. The Little Stars also made their own rhythm shakers by filling cardboard tubes with beans, rice, or plastic tops (from squeezy fruit packs and marker tops), covering the ends with masking tape, and decorating the tubes with even more colored tape. They have had so much fun shaking these tubes to the songs they sing. And have you seen the watercolor paintings that the Little Stars made while listening to music? And their list of favorite animals who all live on “Old McDonald’d Farm”? We’ve got a cat, horse, piggy, elephant, chicken, piglet, crocodile, and Eleanor’s stuffie panda “Stillwater.”

**PARENTS – As part of the music curriculum, the teachers ask you PLEASE to send in one of your child’s favorite CDs for sharing with the class. It would really be a highlight! Also, are there any parents out there who would be willing to do a circle time with the Little Stars, either playing an instrument or singing a favorite song? The teachers and children would love to have you join them – and please don’t worry about your musical prowess. The important aspect would simply be to have you share with the class. If you are up to it, please see the teachers to schedule a date. It would be lots of fun! Thanks!

And how lovely that spring has finally arrived! With the warmer (and drier) weather, the Little Stars are having a grand time going to the Lincoln/Berkeley playground where they enjoy the climbers, slides, and bridges, plus the space to run freely. And they do so well walking to and from the playground, as well as honoring the teacher-specified boundaries of their playground space. The Little Stars have also read some spring books, including the chapter “The Corner” from “Frog and Toad All Year” by Arnold Lobel (with Frog, upon learning that spring is just around the corner, actively peeking around corners to find it) and “Tap the Magic Tree” by Christie Matheson, which follows a tree through the seasons. The children have also been looking for signs of spring on their daily walks to the playground. So exciting to see trees budding and flowers blooming!

That’s it for now, but PLEASE:

1) Remember to bring in a favorite CD.

2) See a teacher about volunteering to sing or play an instrument with the children at a circle time.