Hi all– our nanny, Michelle, is available starting in August. She’s been with us since Reuben was six weeks old and she does a wonderful job with him. She has trained as a night nurse so the issues of bottle feeding, pumping, and nursing are all familiar to her– I could ask, when did you feed him, should I pump or just nurse him?– and she would know exactly what I was asking. I mention this because it might not have been so obvious to someone without her experience with infants. She also knows infant CPR. She always stimulated Reuben, reading him books and playing with him, and within the first week had made friends with other nannies in the building with babies Reuben’s age, so that he was always having a play date or, later, going to the park or a music class or a storytime. Reuben loves her– she is attentive, talks to him, is always engaged with him and stimulating him, holding him and playing with him. She has been so good for him and for our family as I was finishing my book in the first few months of Reuben’s life.

We are saying goodbye to her because this was always a temporary arrangement– we had committed to share a nanny with another family come August so our time with her is coming to an end. You can consider me an enthusiastic reference and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Michelle’s contact info is:

914 434 1457


Thanks all!