Not for me! Promise 🙂

David’s stepmom has asked that instead of us giving presents to her for Hannukah, she’d like to support her friend Sandra who’s due with a girl in January and having a rough time financially. Sandra is looking to outfit a nursery, from cloth diapers to newborn or 12 month clothing (apparently she has 3 and 6 month clothes). Do you have any such gently used, or unopened goodies lying around? And might you either be able to bring them to the collective by Friday, or we could pick them up by this Monday when we head up to Thanksgiving celebrations in her neck of the woods?
Here’s a list. If you have anything on top of this we could help take off your hands, let me know and I’d be happy to donate it elsewhere (so you don’t have to!) if it’s not right for Sandra:
2 weeks of newborn disposable diapers
lots of cloth diapers
plastic (or other) diaper covers
diaper pins
diaper pail
6 onesies
6 footy PJ’s
4 receiving blankets
changing table
changing pad
baby towels
mattress pads
diaper wipes
baby soap
nasal aspirator
diaper ointment
baby pacifier
baby Tylenol
baby pouch/sling/carrier
Thanks, folks.