Dear Rainbow Families,
It’s nearly the end of 2012 already!

As the holidays approach we’d like to show our appreciation to the teachers at the Collective, who lovingly care for our children, by giving them a holiday bonus.

The Collective has always approached monetary gift-giving as a group effort so that families who give more, or less, are not singled out in any way. Of course any amount that you are comfortable with contributing would be appreciated. The suggested amount is $80. We encourage those who can give more to please do so in the hopes of giving all of the teachers at the Collective the recognition they all deserve. The money will be pooled and divided across the staff members with attention paid to full and part time status. Additionally, we will use the money to purchase small gifts for Lauren, Manyi and Martha.
There will be an envelope for our class in the main office so you can leave the money NEXT WEEK. Please make your contributions within the week— by FRIDAY December 14th.

In terms of individual gifts, it is the Collective’s policy that families should not give monetary gifts separately to teachers. If families/children would like to give individual small presents or cards to their classroom teachers, of course that is both welcomed and encouraged. For anyone interested, let’s designate between 8-9:30am on Wednesday December 19th a holiday-love-card giving time. That is our target date for having the bonus cards ready, and it would be a nice touch to arrange for some bagels and coffee for our teachers on that morning, along with individual cards from families with hand-made, or hand drawn sentiments from your child. If Wed 12/19 isn’t your day, please feel free to bring a card or anything else for the teachers when it works for you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me by email or at 202-492-4719 cell. Thanks so much!
all the best,
Marnie (Maeve’s Mom)