Dear Collective Families,
We are very excited to be seeing you all again next week!
Some important information:
1. ALL Little Stars are to attend school on Tuesday, September 2nd.  They will attend in two sections, so be sure to check your child’s individual schedule/calendar to see if you have the 9:00 or 11:00 slot.  And then keep following your schedule for the rest of the phase-in.
2. NEW-TO-THE-COLLECTIVE Bears and Rainbows follow their individual schedule/calendars for their phase-in, so please be sure to check yours.
3. RETURNING-TO-THE-COLLECTIVE Bears and Rainbows (meaning all children who were either Bears, Rainbows, or Little Stars last year) follow their weekly schedule of days as was determined in your contract, and they may attend full days from their first day onward.
4. Orientation is on Tuesday, September 2, at 5:00 PM for Little Stars parents and 6:00 PM for Bears/Rainbows parents.  We will have teachers babysitting at the Collective during Orientation.  The cost is $10/child – you will need to bring cash. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU NEED BABYSITTING ON TUESDAY, so I can be sure to save you a spot.
5. And please feel free to phone or email me if you have any last minute questions.
Can’t wait to see you all, and have a happy Labor Day weekend!
PS  The laundry job has been filled, but we will be announcing more jobs later this week.  Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered!