Hi Rainbow Families,

For Pajama Day tomorrow (Friday, December 20), please be sure to dress your child in: PAJAMAS!  However for safety sake, we ask that you NOT dress your child in nightgowns (children can trip on the hems) or footie pajamas (children can slip).

Also, please have extra layers of clothing (e.g., sweaters, sweat pants) to put on over the pajamas so the Rainbows will stay warm, especially if we go outside.

Finally, if your child does not attend the Collective on Fridays, s/he is invited to join us from 9-1 for the Pajama Day and breakfast celebration.  And no lunch needed tomorrow – we are having a pizza party!!



P.S. Be sure to clean out cubbies and bring home lunch boxes and nap bedding to be cleaned over vacation. Thank you!!