From The Class Parents:
Dear Lovely Families,
A reminder that we’re looking forward to seeing some of you this Friday, at our¬†adults-only get-together at Kera and Meredith’s house (Theo Rainbow’s parents) from 79pm. For those of you parenting in twos, don’t be shy to send one person, if you don’t have a sitter for the evening. There will be plenty of other parents there by themselves. Or get a sitter and have a night out together!
As with all our co-op events, we’re asking you to bring something with you, so we’ve put a sign-up sheet on the back of the door that leads out into the stroller area. We’re hoping you’ll sign up sooner rather than later, mostly because it would be great to have a rough head count. You can sign up to bring an alcoholic drink, non-alcoholic drinks or some snacks.
Kera and Meredith’s lovely home is at 150 Sterling Place in the upper duplex. That’s between 7th Ave and Flatbush.
We do hope to see you there! And we’d love you to sign up so we have a sense of numbers.
Your friendly class parent reps (Jane, Liz, Deb, Lucy, Mari and Tanya)