Park Slope Child Care Collective

Board Meeting Minutes – Submitted by Tiago Correia, Board Secretary

May 23rd, 2016



Tiago Correia David Kamin Lillian Sanchez
Keri Fisher Ellen McCrum  
Martha Foote Jena Schleicher  
Lindsey Frank Michael Schwartzberg  
Meredith Clair Lauren Engel  



The board meeting commenced at 6:15pm.


Director’s Report

C of O: Inspection took place during spring break. Required works were identified and are proceeding on budget: concrete floor done, carbon monoxide detection in progress, plumber scheduled.


Facilities: Adult bathroom fixed, painted, and redecorated by a volunteer parent (Leslie Herzik of Little Stars); monitoring quality of cleaning service; landlord still needs to fix clogged sink in children’s bathroom.


Admissions: Little Stars room at full capacity with wait list. Bears and Rainbows still have a couple vacancies, in particular for 4’s. Both rooms are expected to run at / near capacity. High retention rates throughout.


Events: Summer Picnic save the date to go out next week for July 23rd at Mount Prospect Park.


May Staff Development day: Staff development day was very successful. In the morning session, teachers focused on how to help children that become dysregulated, with training provided by Rivendell educators. In the afternoon, there was a full staff meeting and breakout sessions for the different rooms. Thank you to the parents for providing a delicious lunch!


New Overtime Rules: Due to federal regulatory changes, the school potentially has several non-exempt employees. Legal will investigate possible rule exemption for teachers. No payment increases are expected, as teachers will continue to balance their schedules. Proposed to implement a mechanism for pre-authorization of overtime.


Legal Update

Ongoing Unemployment Benefits Claim: Court ruled in the school’s favor. However, the Dept. of Labor has appealed the decision.

Legal Case: The hearing was postponed and the judge requested additional briefings. The Attorney General’s office has confirmed its intention to continue to support the school’s claim and appeal in the event of such a decision.

Registration with the Charities Bureau: re-registration in progress.


Financial Update

P&L Report: David presented the P&L (Profit & Loss) report, which is broadly on track with the budget. Variances identified in health insurance costs (above budget) and HVAC installation (not spent).


Budget 2016-17: Agreed to start budgeting process and vote at the next meeting.


Staff Update

Teacher raises: As previously agreed, teachers’ contracts and annual raises will align with the school year. Salary increases will be vetted out in 2016-17 budget analysis.


Board Openings

Board 2016-17: New Board needs to be sworn in at next meeting. Outreach to fill the positions to start in early June.


Fundraising Update

Gala Event: Great event achieved the fundraising goal, with approx. $19k raised. Good contribution from both grandparents and alumni contributed to overall success. Feedback from organizing committee is to try to do it earlier next year, because in April there is a lot of competition for donation of auction items from other institutions.


School Calendar

School Calendar 2016-17: approved unanimously.


Job Credits / Resource Needs

Response: Good response from parents, all activities on track with good participation.


Disaster Emergency Plan

Group discussion: Legal to research services that facilitate communication in case of emergency. Database check required, perhaps a volunteer could do this on a for-credit basis.


The board meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm