Dear families,

Hope you are all having a great week. Please note the following:

1) Please use the email to alert the office staff of all things in regards to your child. In particular, here are some scenarios for when you might use

– your child is not coming to school on their regularly scheduled day,
– your child is under the weather,
– your child has a different pickup than usual (ie – doctor’s appt),
– birthday questions and/or notes,
– Add-a-Day requests,
– and any notes the office staff should be aware of for the day, week, or upcoming weeks.

Please continue to use the classroom communication book for specific questions/concerns for teachers.

2) The following dates of significance are coming up: Rosh Hashanah (9/17 and 9/18) and Yom Kippur (9/26). We are open but if you plan to keep your child home (some do because these are Dept of Ed holidays for older siblings/family members), please let us know by emailing Knowing your child will not be in attendance assists us in planning for your child’s classroom so it’s welcome and helpful info.

In addition, Columbus Day (10/8) is a holiday that PSCCC is closed. Please note in your calendars.

3) Attention children and grown-ups: Please wash your hands upon entering school and before entering your classroom.

4) The children occasionally have potty accidents in which they need to change their clothing and sometimes foot wear. Please be sure to keep a fresh, clean outfit (undies, pants, and top) and an extra pair of shoes (especially important if your child is potty training) in your child’s cubby. Please check the cubby each day you’re in attendance.

Parents are also welcome to drop off spare plastic shopping bags. We use these bags for soiled clothing so feel free to bring your extras and store them in either the main children’s bathroom or the Little Stars bathroom; there are plastic bag storage containers in each bathroom. If there are too many to fit, please drop off in the office, and hold off dropping off more until the containers run low of bags.

We also welcome clothing and foot wear donations that are in good condition. If you have donations, please write PSCCC on the label or interior and store away in the clothing/shoe containers in the hallway. (If someone would like to sort/organize these clothing/shoe bins for credit, please let me know.) When your child runs out of spare clothing or foot wear, we go to these bins for spares so they live on at PSCCC.

Last but not least, please be careful at the red door entrance. The closer for the big red door needs to be repaired by the church. In the meantime, please open and close with care and keep your children on the safe side (side of stairs without the door opening).

Email about committees coming soon…

Thanks for reading this far and have a great rest of the week.