Dear PSCCC families,

The lost and found area (two first cubbies on the left as you enter, across from the sign-in table) has been quietly accumulating into quite a pile of stuff!

have you lost anything over the year that might have landed here?

PLEASE CHECK OUT THE BELOW INVENTORY as well as the actual site and claim anything that is yours BEFORE FRIDAY, JUNE 28TH. After this date, all items will be donated either to PSCCC communal bins of clothing, to other organizations or discarded (depending on the condition).

Thanks for your attention to this- you might just reunite with something loved and lost (Arlo found his beloved lost BatMan water bottle that had disappeared for months!).

Happy searching!


(Arlo, Rainbow)


5 assorted water bottles
One pair adult sun glasses
El Dorado video
Sugar the Sloth DVD
Firefighters to the Rescue book
One snack cup
2 child spoons
One gold sparkly pencil
One frisbee

One fleece-lined camouflage hooded, zip-up sweatshirt

One grey and blue sweater
One blue Mets sweatshirt
One black canvas Barney’s NY bag

One canvas striped orange, yellow, red bag
Two sweatpants – size 2-3 (one black, one pink camouflage)

One pink cardigan sweater
One maroon and white striped shirt

One grey and blue Brooklyn shirt size 6

One Cat in the Hat fleece blanket
One flannel crib sheet
Three stuffies – bear, elephant and ??? little tiger? (well-loved)