Dear Rainbow Families,

Hard to believe that June is almost over!  It was a fun month that kicked off with the trip to the zoo.  It was a fabulous trip that spanned all the zoo areas – from the  Discovery Trail (where the children hopped on the giant lily pads and climbed into the giant eggs), to the baboon exhibit (with its very exciting red-bottomed baboons) to the Barn area where the children enjoyed feeding the goats and sheep.  Aside from the children’s individual zoo trip books and the group book of “What Zoo Animal Would You Want To Be,” please check out the children’s “Day at the Zoo” mural on the back wall that shows many of these highlights and more.  By complete chance, the Rainbows zoo trip coincided with a special city day to celebrate children with disabilities.  Iris reported that the Rainbow children were very welcoming of and friendly with the celebrants with whom they shared the zoo that day.  So wonderful to see our Collective philosophy of diversity and inclusiveness extend beyond the classroom walls!!
Another special part of June was the celebration of Love Week.  The Rainbows discussed the question “What is Love?” among themselves, learned a poem called “What is Love” and recited it to the Bears and Little Stars, and prepared presents of flowers and vases, necklaces, and mini-gardens for their families.  We hope you enjoyed your gifts!
The curriculum focus of transportation has been in full swing in the Rainbows.  The actual trip to the zoo provided the Rainbows an opportunity to ride on a city bus together and observe and discuss features of the bus and the ride.  The Rainbows have also had discussions about airplane and subway rides, followed by drawings of places they like to go (or would like to go) on all these modes of transportation. The Rainbows have also been working together to make models of a bus, a subway train, and an airplane.  All these – and more – will be on display at the Rainbows Art Gallery Show on July 27.
Currently the Rainbows are delving into a summer curriculum focus with paintings and oil pastel drawings of summer fun.  Keep an eye out for more summer-themed developments.
Stay cool and have a great weekend!
PS  Many thanks to all the parents who were able to do a choice time activity with the Rainbows.  The children – and teachers – have so enjoyed taking part in your creative and engaging projects.