Dear Rainbow Families,

Thank you very much for accommodating the sudden parent-teacher conference schedule last week.  Iris and Dawn were so pleased to have an opportunity to speak with you about your children and all the growth they have seen over the course of the year.  It’s hard to believe we only have two months left of school.  Iris keeps saying the time has flown by because it has been an incredibly fun, stimulating, and engaging year.
The Rainbows’ focus on neighborhood expanded to Manhattan this month with the children’s interest in skyscrapers and especially the Empire State Building (ESB).  The children looked at books and pictures of the ESB, then brainstormed what they would need to make their own model, with replies including boxes, paint, tape, glue, and pipe cleaners.  The teachers collected assorted cardboard boxes, then the children figured out how they wanted to place them on top of each other to resemble the ESB.  The Rainbows had a wonderful time painting the boxes and gluing and taping them together, then twisting pipe cleaners together to make the antenna on top.  But the creativity didn’t stop there.  The children realized they needed windows so they cut paper squares and taped them to the boxes.  And then they decided they needed cars to drive near the building, so they made those out of toilet paper rolls, markers, colored tape, and plastic bottle caps.  It was incredible to see the children’s imaginations and focus as they worked so enthusiastically on their creations.
Spring and planting have also figured prominently this month.  The Rainbows are growing onion plants with onion bulbs in a small dish with stones and water.  Additionally, they have each planted their own “garden” by decorating empty hand-wipes boxes, filling the bottoms with soil, and planting seeds.  The children are taking good care of their gardens, checking the soil, watering as needed, and watching for plants to emerge.  The Rainbows also wrote lovely poems about spring and plants, and drew pictures for illustrations.  Please be sure to check out these poems and drawings on the back wall.
The Rainbows have begun their next curriculum theme: transportation.  This theme was launched by a circle discussion of where they would like to travel, followed by thinking about how they would get there.  Stay tuned for more developments in the month of June.
IMPORTANT REMINDER: children need to wear (or have in their cubbies) proper footwear for outdoor play to prevent slipping, stubbed toes, etc.  Footwear needs to close snugly over the foot, and any sandals must be closed-toe.  Also, no crocs!  And please remember to leave extra clothes in the cubbies (especially light clothes for hot days) and to apply sunscreen in the morning.  Thanks!!
Wednesday, June 5 – Trip to the Prospect Park Zoo (details to follow, but quickly, children who don’t attend on Wednesdays are welcome with their parent or sitter to meet up with the Rainbows at the zoo)
Monday, June 10 – Wear sunglasses to school day
Wednesday, June 26 – Wear flip flops in the class day
Have a great weekend!