**Tomorrow – Thursday, December 5 – is “Bring a Bagel to School Day.” Don’t forget!


Dear Rainbow Families,


The Rainbows have been having a wonderful time exploring their curriculum theme of Families these past few weeks. Our International Food Day was a very special day of sharing stories and dishes from our array of Collective families, and we thank you all very much for your contributions to our banquet. The Rainbows have also been reading several books about families with follow-up discussions about “who makes up a family” and “what is your favorite thing to do with your family.” Some books that the children have read – and that beautifully celebrate family diversity – are “All Kinds of Families” by Norma Simon, “Who’s in a Family?” by Robert Skutch, “Who’s In My Family?” by Robie H. Harris, “I Love My Family” by Wade Hudson, and “The Great Big Book of Families” by Mary Hoffman. Another stunning book the Rainbows have enjoyed is “Families Around the World, One Kid at a Time” photographed by Uwe Ommer. The children have lingered over the photos of families across the globe, comparing and contrasting them, and heard how to say “hello” in the languages of the different countries described. All these books can be found in a display of “Books We Have Read” on top of the block shelves – be sure to take a look. The Rainbows have also painted their families at the easels and created portraits of them on fabric with Sharpies and fabric paint. These creations will be hung on the classroom walls soon – please keep an eye out for them. And the Rainbows have certainly enjoyed their own pretend play around families, both in the dramatic play area and in the blocks.


The Rainbows have been continuing to learn new words of the week in English and Spanish. This week the words are:

tongue – la lengua

teeth – los dientes

ears – los oidos

hair – el cabello


And finally, please mark these dates from the December Rainbow calendar:

Thursday, December 5 – Bring a Bagel to School Day

Tuesday, December 10 – Bring a Story to Share Day

Friday, December 20 – Pajama Day and Breakfast at School Day (more details to follow)