Dear Rainbow Families,

The Rainbows are so enjoying their Spring curriculum. They planted their seeds that they brought from home (thank you very much!) in individual pots, and they are continuing to watch and tend to them. They have also read several books about seeds and spring including “How a Seed Grows” by Helene J. Jordan (beautifully illustrated by Loretta Krupinski), a book that clearly and simply explains the growth process of a seed; “Spring Changes” by Ellen B. Senisi, which examines the many changes occurring during the spring season; “The Boy Who Didn’t Believe in Spring” by Lucille Clifton with pictures by Brinton Turkle, about 2 boys who set off to find spring in the city; and the classic “The Carrot Seed” by Ruth Krauss with pictures by Crockett Johnson, a book that celebrates the rewards of a youngster’s effort and determination. The Rainbows have also had several discussions together about seeds, planting, and spring, including what seeds need to grow (soil, sun, and water or S-S-W); the differences between bean and carrot seeds and how they grow (e.g., bean plants grow up and carrots grow down); and what is different in our environment now that it’s spring (responses: flowers, tree buds, and hot dog trucks). They have also taken spring walks and observed the changes around them: warm temperature, daffodils, tulips, birds, butterflies, and a bright sun).

Some recent words of the week include:

seed – semilla

sun – sol

soil – terra

water – agua

The Rainbows have engaged in many art activities related to spring. They used brown paint to paint trees, then glued on wads of tissue paper to create blossoms (check these pictures out on the far wall in the art area); used Sharpies and water colors to make pictures of flowers growing out of the soil and blossoming in the spring (displayed outside the gym); created easel paintings of flowers they saw during their walk to Mt. Prospect Park (displayed all around the room); and made a group picture of pussy willows using brown paint, cotton fluff, and glue (by the classroom door). ¬†They also read the poem “April” and discussed why the poet chose these particular words:

April is a rainbow month

Of sudden springtime showers

Bright with golden daffodils

And lots of pretty flowers.

For Earth Day last week, the Rainbows read “It’s Earth Day” by Mercer Mayer, then discussed “What can we do together to help our planet Earth?” Responses included: “You can save electricity.” “You can recycle things.” “Don’t waste water.” “Do not litter.” “Take the bus so they don’t have to take the cars and drive.” “We can plant trees to save the Earth.”

IMPORTANT: Please bring in a CD of your child’s favorite music for the teachers to keep in the classroom. The children love to listen to music during the day. Thanks!!

Stay warm and dry these next few days!