Dear Collective Parents,

As many of you know Governor Cuomo has declared a public health emergency over the flu outbreak.  This comes at a time when the Collective is experiencing a crunch for parents to participate in Saturday cleaning shifts.  While the Saturday shifts keep tuition costs down and let parents socialize with bleach spray bottles in hand and check out the other classrooms, they also help prevent the spread of germs.  The toys our children play with and the cots they lay their heads down on need to be sanitized once a week.  Teachers and a cleaning service do basic maintenance throughout the week.  But it is the Saturday shifts where the deep cleaning happens.  I know our schedules and our family commitments have been piling up during the holidays, but if people can make an extra effort to pitch in during upcoming Saturday shifts that would be great (but not this upcoming Saturday, it is a holiday weekend!).

In the meantime, Jenni (our superstar Collective Credit Administrator) and the board are looking to make the Saturday shifts work more seamlessly.

Manyi and Martha would be happy to talk to any parent about health safety, and here a couple links with more info.