Dear PSCCC Parents:

If you’re interested in fulfilling your 2013-14 credit requirements as a snack shopper, here’s a brief description of what the job entails:

Snack shoppers purchase and deliver a week’s worth of healthy dry foods and organic fruits and vegetables for the three classes. They are responsible for making sure that the Collective is fully stocked with snacks for that week.

This job is best suited for members of the Food Co-op or Costco, though parents who shop at Trader Joe’s can often stay within budget.

Each snack shopper does 6 shifts per year. We have 3 shoppers returning from last year, and we need 4 more.

If you would like to join the team, please let us know by emailing Gabrielle (mom to Colin, Bears) at Gabrielle can answer any questions you may have. Once the positions are filled, she will send the team detailed instructions and a schedule for the year.

Looking forward to a great year!