Dear PSCCC Families,

To honor the diversity of our Collective community, as well as the fall and harvest season, we are celebrating our annual International Food Day this year on Friday, November 21, for the Rainbows, Bears, and Little Stars all to participate. This year, in addition to asking families to send in a special family food for lunchtime sharing, we will be inviting families to spend some time during drop-off to learn more about one another, so please save this date!

We will be sending you more details and info soon – but now, in order to begin preparing for our special day, we ask that parents and families:

–       Prepare to create a “family poster” with your child to reflect your family’s cultural background. We will send more details soon, but basically we are asking that families begin collecting such items as photos/pictures of immediate family, relatives/ancestors, traditional foods, flags, traditional garments, landscapes, words in one’s language(s), or anything else that might reflect one’s family and background.

–       Reserve some extra time during drop-off on November 21 to enjoy a 15-20 minute morning activity with your child.
–       Plan to send your child to school on that same day with a small dish (6 to 8 servings) of food that reflects her/his heritage or background. Main dishes, side dishes, and desserts are all welcome. Please keep in mind that it must be a nut-free dish.

Again, more details will be sent soon – but in the meantime please save November 21 for this special event. And thank you in advance for helping us celebrate International Food Day.

The Diversity Committee and Martha