Dear PSCCC friends,

I”m very happy to announce that the book I’ve worked on the whole time I’ve been a parent at the PSCCC, Hardhats, Hippies and Hawks, The Vietnam Antiwar Movement as Myth and Memory (Cornell), is out. It’s “an engaging ‘counter-memory’ of a diverse, cross-class opposition to the Vietnam War that included the labor movement, working-class students, soldiers and veterans, and Black Power, civil rights, and Chicano activists,” according to my publisher.  This “counter memory” counters the more typical memory we have, which is of elite college kids facing off against the white working class.
I have no idea how many of you are interested in the class dynamics of the Vietnam antiwar movement, or an analysis of why we have such a distorted memory of it, but, you might be after you read my book!;)

It’s available on Amazon,but better yet you can wait to get it at our very own

COMMUNITY BOOKSTORE 143 7th Ave  Park Slope, on Wednesday May 22, 7PM, when I’ll be talking about it! I hope lots of you can make it. No childcare provided, I”m sad to say, but there should be some wine!
All the best,
Penny (Eleanor’s mom, and mom to Clara, alum)