Hi all.  Just wanted to give a heads up,  particularly to those of you who have little ones making the transition from preK to K next year. Josephine Norcliffe, who regularly works with the Rainbows and is flat out awesome, is running a social skills group at the The Brooklyn Children’s Museum  this summer for kids ages 3 – 5.  Jo’s specialty is early childhood development and she has near special powers in getting our little ones to experience social success. Learning objectives for the class include: Coping with Frustration, Adjusting to Transitions, Initiating Interactions and Responding to Others, Waiting, Sharing and Taking Turns, Asking for and Offering Help, Using Your Words & Solving Problems.  Jo is energetic, creative and most importantly wildly successful at working with kids of all skill sets. Just ask the Rainbow teachers or me or Colleen.  For more info, grab one of her postcards from the office at PSCCC or touch base with Jo yourself.  Her email is jnorcliffe@gmail.com.  Her phone number is 347-678-8909.


Nadine Baldasare (Sam C., Rainbow)