Team 2 is up for cleaning this weekend.  Patty and Max are away and I will be out too.  Ari will represent the household while I do my food coop shift.  But if anyone owes some hours, come join us!!!



Two lovely women are looking for babysitting work this summer.  Tara Moncure babysits for us now and is looking for more work this summer as her classes have ended.  She is smart, energetic and lovely, responsible and can be reached at:  914 882-2432.

Also, our former babysitter Jenny Pedersen has a college aged sister here for the summer who is looking for babysitting work.  Her name is Megan Pedersen and she has a resume I’m having a hard time putting in this announcement.  She can be reached at: 805-680-5242 and I can forward the resume or she can.

Thank you!

Tanya (Elias, bear)