Dear Families,

Please note that you will be receiving your October invoice shortly using our new accounting system. If you have a balance carrying forward prior to October, you will receive a separate invoice while we are transitioning to the new system. In the future, you can expect to receive one invoice roughly 15 days prior to its due date on the first of the month for the total balance, past and present. Please remember that tuition is due whether or not you receive an invoice, however we will send you an invoice for each installment for your records.

Also coming up soon will be more information about enrichment classes and its cost this year. As noted in the enrollment material, we will invoice you for enrichment classes in installments and will appear separate from tuition on your invoice. We anticipate a lower cost for enrichments this year than estimated in the enrollment material.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and thank you for your help in keeping the school running smoothly with timely tuition payments.