Dear PSCCC community,

I hope all your kids are settling well into their first week at the collective.

I wanted to send an update on the credit system at the collective. Pleas note that this is the first year for Manyi and I to manage this process so we’re finding our way. Also a reminder that each parent is required to fulfill 18 hours (credits) a year.

1. If you are assigned to a Saturday shift, you should have already received separate instructions from me. If you haven’t, then please let me know directly. If you are unable to make a shift or need to swap, please contact your team leader and not me. I will send the names and details of the team leaders as soon as I have them. I’m still looking for volunteers for teams 2-5. Thanks Team 1 for stepping up.

2. Saturday shifts are from 9am to 12pm, though we usually get out of there much faster, especially when everyone shows up! You need to sign in when you show up. The office will then email me a list of who showed up so I can track your hours. You’ll receive an email in advance to remind you that your shift is coming up.

3. Some of you may be doing a mix of some Saturday shifts and some other tasks. If you are carrying out other tasks such as maintenance, part-time committee help, office tasks etc, you need to email me the number of hours you have completed as well as what task you did, and I will track that throughout the year.

4. If you are in a full-time exempt position at the collective—you know who you are, i.e. board members and their partners, snack shoppers, class reps, committee chairs, Jetro runners etc—I am tracking that and you don’t need to email me your hours.

5. Snack shoppers please note that Susanne Sharping is overseeing all details related to that All questions correspondence goes to her No need to copy me.

6. If you have a new child arriving in the family during the school year, your family receives 18 hours (credits) to use as you wish. Please just let me know who to credit the hours to.

7. If you ever want to know how many hours you have already worked, feel free to email me and I’ll let you know.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can also ask Penny our Board Chair and Manyi/office too if you have questions.

Cheers, Jenni (mum to Quinn, Bears)