Dear PSCCC Families,

I can’t believe we are welcoming in a new school year already! Where did the summer go? Well, I am so glad to see you all, new and returning families, again. The school was just not the same without your children to fill its classrooms and halls with chatter and glee.

So welcome back and back to a school with some repairs and improvements completed over the August break. The work was minor, but the improvements bring true relief to the everyday functionality we rely on, some including replacing the old children’s sinks, repairing the gym wall, stroller bar, and water closet light, bringing the adult’s bathroom up to building’s code, and having the floors buffed and polished for the next iteration of spilled paint and stomped on play dough. Our walls were painted by generous parents, who spent a Saturday, covering the scuffs and marks left over each year. Another parent worked alongside a handyman to ensure proper repairs were made. We are grateful for your time, muscle, and attention to detail.

The majority of the school’s necessary upkeep occurs during the August break in preparation for the next year, but the planning begins in the months prior. The next big Facilities Committee project will be bringing better climate control and décor to the beloved gym in time for winter/spring 2013 installation. Also coming up in spring 2013 is the Green Committee’s side yard improvement and gardening plans. We are hoping the garden will feed into (literally) the children’s daily snack menu and possibly a children’s cooking class as an enrichment offering. I hope you will join us in these committees if you are interested, but no worries as there will be many more committees and projects throughout the year.

Additionally, we hope to launch the Community section of the PSCCC website this month. To start, the Community section will gather all communication, forms, calendars, announcements, and more into a central place. Current families may log in and check weekly happenings in your child’s classroom, as well as download forms that may be due. The PSCCC yahoogroup will also be incorporated into the Community section and its purpose of communication will continue at We are hoping that the website will bring more ease to accessing information and communicating within the PSCCC community of current and alumni families. And a million thank you’s to parents, Mila and Joey, for bringing greater functionality to our website that enables community building.

And in our community, we have a couple of new faces. Please be sure to seek out and welcome Martha Foote, new Ed Director, and Margaret Haskett, new Little Star’s teacher. Martha has quickly found her way around the school and will be your point person for matters relating to your child’s development and experience at the Collective. The staff bulletin board next to the office will include all the staff members and helpers shortly.

As the weeks and months go by, I will continue to update the community of projects that relate to the school’s operations and back end administration. Definitely not as exciting as hearing about your child’s amazing self-directed projects and developments, but nonetheless informative and important, so please also read my messages, too. Until the next note… looking forward the new year!

Executive Director