Dear PSCCC families:


Our amazing babysitter of 2 years will be looking for more hours next Fall as Kiki will be transitioning to the Little Stars 3 days per week.  Sacha started working with us when Kiki was 4 months old and has been an important part of our lives.  I honestly do not think I could have returned to work full time without her.  For her first year with us, Sacha took care of Kiki along with another Little Stars family and was amazingly skilled at navigating the complexity of working with 2 babies from 2 families.


Sacha is a warm and calm presence in our chaotic household.  She is loving and patient with both of my children.  Kiki adores her.  Over the years she has assumed more responsibility around our house including laundry, cooking, styling Kiki’s messy hair, and organizing activities.  While she primarily cares for Kiki, she also watches and picks up my older son, Elijah, (now 5) after school.  She knows many of his friends and on her own makes after school play dates for him. She is great at keeping the 2 children calm and happy together and is really entirely self-sufficient.  She regularly babysits for us in the evenings as well.


She is incredibly social and seems to make friends wherever she goes.   Sacha often organizes outings to the zoo, gardens, and children’s museum and Kiki always is playing with other kids.  She will bring the kids on the subway or bus all over the place. She even singlehandedly organized a birthday party for Kiki at the armory Y this year —  and photo documented it for me! 


Sacha is easy to work with and really a lovely person.  We plan to keep Sacha on for 2 days a week next year (Mondays and Thursdays) and possibly use her for pick-ups as well on Tuesdays .  She would like to find another family to work with Tuesdays and Wednesdays. (She will be taking more early education classes on Fridays).


We are very flexible and would be willing to share/coordinate with another family who may want her more hours if convenient.


Feel free to contact me via email or my cellphone with any questions.


Sacha can be reached at 646-634-0401



(mom to incoming little star kiki and bear alum Elijah)