Dear Rainbows Families,

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.  The Rainbows so enjoyed their feast last Wednesday (thanks for the delicious foods), and they were very excited to see the long “banquet table” at which they all sat together.
The Rainbows are winding down their apple study with one more apple recipe to be prepared and eaten later this week.  It’s been such fun to see the apple and pumpkin studies grow from the children’s own home experiences picking apples and carving pumpkins – a nice home/school connection.  As we move into the month of December, the Rainbows will be learning about and observing the different holidays of this season.  If you would like to share your family’s traditions around a particular upcoming holiday – perhaps with a book, song, and/or a treat – the teachers would love to have you join the Rainbows for a morning or afternoon circle.  Please check in with the teachers if you are interested.
And finally: the Rainbows parent-teacher conference schedule is now posted on the Rainbows door.  Please be sure to sign up.