From: Lesley Bourns, mother to Matteo (Rainbows) and Emma (Little Stars)

Subject: Connecting our loving nanny with a new Collective family
Dear Collective Parents,
Many of you have met Valeska Hernandez, who is a caregiver for our children, Matteo (Rainbow) and Emma (Little Star) for the last five years.  Since we are moving out of the city in August, we are trying to connect her with a new family who can benefit from her amazing skills as a caregiver and baby whisperer.  She has been caring for Matteo since he was four months old and has become an essential part of our family.  She is loving, reliable and experienced and knows most Brooklyn neighborhoods very well from working with our family and many others in the area.  She is respectful of family and house rules and is always out finding activities for the kids, making play dates, and exploring classes, parks and playgrounds.
She also knows the ins and outs of the Collective well, having done pick-ups and drop-offs for both kids over the last three years.
We are so sad that we will lose her due to the move, but we suspect that some of you may have a need for full or part-time care or may have friends who are searching for something.  Valeska will be available from mid-late August.
If you are interested, please contact me if you’d like to discuss Valeska or I can put you in touch with her directly if you prefer.  I can’t praise her highly enough.  You can email me at or call at 917-434-2846.