We believe that all forms of diversity – racial, socioeconomic, gender, sexual orientation, family composition – enrich our community and especially our children in the critical early years of their personal growth. Therefore, we strive to create a school environment that reflects the complex make-up of Brooklyn, the City, and the larger world around us, because we believe it is crucial for the healthy development both of self and the ability to understand and appreciate other peoples’ experiences and points of view. To that end, we seek a diverse applicant pool, paying close attention during the admissions process to the mix of students and teachers in each class.

This philosophy carries through into our day-to-day approach in the classroom where we make sure to provide our children with opportunities to learn about each other, themselves, and the diverse world around them, and to encourage them to ask questions and learn in a safe environment. With these classroom experiences in hand, we feel confident sending our children on to the next stage of their education, knowing they now have many of the critical tools they will need both to continue to develop as sensitive, thoughtful and confident young people and to face the inevitable challenges of our world.

For questions, please contact diversity@psccc.org.